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With our HQ based in Johannesburg, we cover all provinces within South Africa, but with prime focus on the Johannesburg, Pretoria & North West Province areas.

Our priority is to offer sustainable, high-quality solutions that address the general objective and the details thereof, customized to your needs.

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Commercial Solutions

Commercial or Industrial Photovoltaic (PV) Solutions are typically large to medium scale Roof-Top, Grid-Tied systems.

The solar PV system supplies the building electrical load directly from the sun i.e. "Solar Connected". The Grid is used for backup or for supplementary power (i.e. when the solar cannot supply).
Savings can be significant:
ROI: 1 to 5 yrs | IRR: 15% to 70%

Roof-Top systems that can either Reverse the utility meter or are designed for close to 100% Self-Consumption usage.

Triple Weave specialise in design, supply and installations of Commercial & Industrial Solar PV solutions.

Residential Solutions

Residential Photovoltaic (PV) Solutions are either Grid-Tied, Grid-Interactive/Hybrid or Off-Grid type systems.

The Grid-Tied residential system can either reverse the grid-meter or supply the day-time load directly, or it can use a battery bank (Grid-Interactive/Hybrid) to supply power during a grid-failure and/or during the nighttime (i.e. night-time load) + achieve Energy Savings for the entire home/building Load (See: ESS )

Systems are designed to meet the home's usage patterns and/or available budget! ​

Triple Weave specialise in design, supply and installations of Residential Solar PV solutions.

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